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Umeå University - with its 33,000 students and over 4,000 employees - is an organisation in constant change and development. Umeå University conducts groundbreaking research within several areas - several in which we are among the best in the world - within others regarded as the leaders in Sweden. We are one of Sweden’s largest providers of education and offer a broad and attractive range of courses and programmes. Our campus constitutes an inspiring environment for everyone that studies and works here. We wish to co-operate with companies and organisations throughout the Umeå region and all over the world.

Two Positions as Assistant Professor with Tenure Track

Recently, Umeå University decided to make a strategic funding within the focus area Applied Information Technology by forming the UMIT Research Laboratory. The UMIT efforts include the establishment of a dynamic, intellectual, and physical research environment enabling world-class interdisciplinary research in scientific, high-performance, distributed, real-time, and visual computing. Deliverables include new models, methods, parallel algorithms and high-quality software targeting emerging HPC platforms and IT infrastructures. UMIT will also focus on challenges and applications of high relevance for the industry, and the use of innovative techniques and collaboration with industrial partners and society are important components. The announced positions are affiliated with UMIT and placed at the Department of Computing Science and the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

HPC2N (High Performance Computing Center North)
provides state-of-the-art parallel computing resources and infrastructure, which are fundamental for UMIT and the announced positions. HPC2N has established an eInfrastructure and computational science hub in an international network with both local and regional branches. Currently, HPC2N is operating resources for SNIC and for the Swedish LHC consortium as part of the NDGF Tier1. The flagship is the world-class HPC cluster Akka

The Department of Computing Science has offered top-class education and performed international quality research for almost forty years. During these years, the department has earned a solid reputation as a leading provider of academic education and research. Our students have been successful in international competitions as well as in their profession. Research at the department is conducted on a broad spectrum of topics, motivated by both fundamental questions and application needs. The selection of courses and their contents are continuously revised and renewed in the light of progress in research and development. Please refer to for more information.

The Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
focuses on delivering high quality education and research in mathematics and mathematical statistics. The department is currently in a dynamic development and several new initiatives are now taken to further strengthen our research in applied and computational mathematics. Please refer to for more information.

The positions are for four years, beginning as soon as possible. The positions are primarily focused on conducting high-quality research but we also encourage participation in teaching up to a level of 20%, which qualifies for an extension of the position up to a total of five years. After four years the position will be up for tenure-evaluation and possible promotion to a permanent position. Following the European nomenclature the positions are called Associate Senior Lecturers.

Parallel and Multicore Computing
Dnr 312-489-10

The new tenure-track position in Parallel and Multicore Computing is focused on emerging technologies and aims to strengthen the research in methods, algorithms, languages, tools and software with the purpose of being able to efficiently exploit the full potential of massively parallel and high performance computing (HPC) systems. Such systems are today based on multicore and soon more commonly on manycore and stream processors with even deeper memory hierarchies and more advanced cache structures. Parallelism will be ubiquitous in the computational algorithms needed to solve challenging problems in science and engineering, and the key to performance is efficient utilization of all levels of the memory system and all functional units and cores of the advanced CPU. Parallelism is now also emerging strongly in the mass market which will be reflected both in educational programs as well as in collaboration projects between the industry and academia.

Candidates are expected to accomplish front-line research in topics like parallelization principles, parallel design patterns, algorithms and methods to manage deep memory hierarchies, adaptive parallelization, data partitioning, locality aspects and data communication. Other relevant research topics include algorithms and software tools for auto-tuning, load balancing and hybrid parallelization models of massively parallel and heterogeneous HPC systems. The research is expected to help delivering on the goals of efficiency, robustness, portability and scalability.

Candidates should have a background that enables outstanding contributions to the development of the research area. Experience from relevant application areas and industrial collaboration is also highly valuable.

For further information about the position, please contact professor Bo Kågström, +46 90 786 5419, or the head of department, Erik Elmroth, +46 90 786 6986,

Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Dnr 312-490-10

Candidates for the new tenure-track position in Industrial and Applied Mathematics should have a record of outstanding research in computational, applied, and industrial mathematics as well as experience of relevant applications in science or industry. Of particular interest are candidates in the area of numerical methods for partial differential equations, in particular finite element methods, and their application in science and industry. The candidate is expected to build an interdisciplinary research activity involving collaboration with partners in academia and industry. Interest and experience of software development and high-performance and parallel computing is also important. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to have a strong interest in teaching and future development of courses in applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and computational science.

For further information about the position, please contact professor Mats G. Larson +46 90 786 5502, or the head of the department, Robert Johansson +46 90 786 9365,

The Application
An assistant professor (or associate senior lecture) should primarily pursue research. The successful applicant is expected to have an internationally high research competence, to build up his/her own research group and to supervise graduate students as well as attracting research grants from external sources of funding. Besides vivid collaboration with scientists at Umeå University, the new employees are expected to further strengthen the conditions for cooperation with industry. Proficiency in either Swedish or English is required.

Candidates should have a PhD degree relevant for the respective position, not more than five years old. In the evaluation, particular emphasis will be given to scientific skills. Pedagogical and administrative skills and the ability to collaborate with other researchers and industry are also considered. Furthermore, selected candidates are expected to have a strong interest in teaching and future development of courses in relevant areas for the positions. After four years the position will be up for tenure-evaluation and possible promotion to a permanent position.

Applicants should submit, electronically or in hard-copy form:

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • copies of degree certificates,
  • a statement of previous research achievements, teaching merits and collaborative merits,
  • a publication list,
  • copies of reprints of relevant articles, numbered according to the publication list,
  • a research plan (maximum 5 pages), and
  • a list of 3 persons (with contact details) willing to provide oral or written recommendation.

All documents submitted in hard-copy form should be in two copies, and all electronically submitted copies should be in MS Word or PDF format. Note, in order to be considered, applications must include copies of reprints. The application document set will be discarded or, if the applicant so wishes, returned two years after the position has been filled.

Union information is available from SACO, +46-(0)90-786 53 65, SEKO, +46-(0)90-786 52 96 and ST, +46-(0)90-786 54 31.

Documents sent electronically should be in MS Word or PDF format. If you are applying to several positions with diferent reference numbers, you must submit a separate application for each position.

The application period for this advert has expired.


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