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2 PhD positions
in Industrial Design
At Umeå Institute of Design,
Umeå University

Description of the research environment
Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University, recently named Center of Excellence in Higher Education 2008, is one of Sweden's few design education environments with post-graduate studies in industrial design. Umeå Institute of Design is also a strong actor in the formation of the new Umeå Arts Campus at Umeå University.

Umeå Institute of is making a strategic investment in basic research in design. As part of the building of a nationally and internationally leading research environment where fundamental questions about design meet the surrounding society's need for knowledge, we are announcing several PhD student positions.

At Umeå Institute of Design basic research is conducted in three areas: better understanding users, modelling of creative processes and understanding our digital everyday.

In the first area we have a user focus, aiming to develop methods and processes for understanding what makes people tick in this global world, including the users in the creative process more efficiently and creating new theory in the area.

We are also looking at how we could apply processes of creativity in a new way, ranging from the individual to networks of people to the multinational transdisciplinary organisation.

In our digital everyday we seek to understand how the merger between the digital and physical changes the world around us. This re-creates the landscape of services, forms new approaches of materiality, and becomes ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

We are now seeking a number of PhD students with an interest in studying, researching, modelling and theorizing these processes from a design perspective. We are interested in new methodological and multidisciplinary approaches to these three areas, from in-depth studies to experimental approaches, hopefully resulting in PhD projects that challenge our current understanding of these processes.

As a PhD student at Umeå Institute of Design, you will work closely with Umeå Design Research Group, which currently consists of 10 researchers, and with other PhD students at UID and Umeå Arts Campus.

The PhD student is expected to pursue their own PhD thesis, to contribute to the existing research environment in the UID and possibly also to teach and tutor other students related to their research field.

In relation to this description we seek an applicant with a clear vision statement describing a proposed PhD project that contributes to our formulated areas of basic research at Umeå Institute of Design, and who can show insight into current issues in design research.

Essential Qualifications
Essential prerequisites at the time of registration as a PhD student include either i) 240 ECTS credits (Swe. högskolepoäng) of higher education studies of which 60 should be on an advanced level (Master level) within industrial design, or equivalent competence, or ii) 120 Swedish (old) credits (Swe. poäng; corresponding to 180 ECTS-credits) of higher education studies if they were taken before July 1, 2007 or equivalent competence. You must have a good command of oral and writing skills in English.

Contact Information

For more information about the position or the research program, contact Mikael Wiberg, Research Director, Umeå Institute of Design,, phone +46 (0)90-786 70 30, or Tapio Alakörkkö, Head of Department, Umeå Institute of Design,, phone +46 (0)90-786 98 35 or Anna Valtonen, Rector, Umeå Institute of Design,

About the Position and the Start Date

See or

The position (doktorandtjanst), incremental increases in salary will occur according to a stipulated scale. The position may require teaching (up to 20%), which will lengthen the overall duration of the position.

The position is scheduled to start on the 1st June 2010.

The Application
Written in English, your application must include:
• a cover letter that states your personal motivation for the PhD position
• your curriculum vitae including a complete list of university courses with grades
• any other documents supporting your competence and suitability for the position
• research sketch describing your proposed PhD project
• names and contact details (telephone and email) of at least two suitably qualified persons willing to act as referee on your behalf

For the evaluation of the research sketch it is important that the applicant include a clear vision statement describing a proposed PhD project that also contributes to our formulated areas of basic research at Umeå Institute of Design.

Union information is available from SACO, +46-(0)90-786 53 65, SEKO, +46-(0)90-786 52 96 and ST, +46-(0)90-786 54 31.

The procedure for recruitment for the position is in accordance with the
Higher Education Ordinance (chapt. 12, 2 §) and the decision regarding the position cannot be appealed.

Documents sent electronically should be in MS Word or PDF format.

The application period for this advert has expired.


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